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soma essence healing

Specializing in Trauma-Informed Body & Energy Therapies


Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, & Somatic Experiencing®

Reiki & Reiki Training, Shamanic & Ancestral Healing

Healing Earth Lodge Ceremonies, Women's Empowerment Circles

Meet Jodie Cara Lindley

Trauma-Informed Bodywork & Energy Healing

soma = "body"          essence = "be"        healing = "whole"


I am a "trauma-informed" bodyworker with over 20 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist. My sessions are tailored to clients’ goals, presenting issues and symptoms, and can include any or all of the following: Traditional Swedish Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release, and Somatic Experiencing®. I also offer other holistic methods of Energy and Body Healing.

Bodywork sessions primarily address the fascial and nervous systems. These two systems are integral in negotiating the body's ability to resolve stress, pain and "trauma" (overwhelm). In order to access these systems, a light touch is necessary: therefore, I do not do deep tissue massage treatments. My intention is to encourage trust in the body and psyche of my clients, so that they can in turn trust what their body may be telling them.


I bring the gift of being able to tune into the physical and energetic bodies and perceive what is “stuck” or “offline”. I allow space for a client’s body to guide the way, in the direction it wants to restore and resolve. I believe the body knows how to heal .. sometimes it just needs help activating the healing potential.

Questions/Intentions I encourage you to bring with you to any session with me, as this will drive the focus and energy of the work:

*From your perspective, if your time with me was to be beneficial for you .. what would you want to see happen and/or experience?

*What would you want to be different at the end of each session?

*What is important for you?

All sessions seek to unearth and shift patterns of pain, stress and blocked survival life force energy. This is done mindfully, compassionately and within a client's own pace and rhythm. I welcome transformation for you.

I believe in a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Therefore my work represents an integration of mind-body-spirit. Please see my credentials below.

It would be an honour to work with you. 


My Approach

I approach my work intuitively, but with a strong foundation and understanding of the body’s basic physiological and energetic processes, primarily of the nervous system.


The nervous system is our “map of wellness” and is the guide in most of my bodywork.

My energetic healing therapies are grounded in years of experience and study.

I believe that Spirit is always present and willing to assist in the healing potential.


I work in collaboration with Registered Psychotherapists and Social Workers

at the Newmarket Therapy Centre and Rennet Wong-Gates Psychotherapy.

My services complement talk therapy ... I can help with


Anxiety needs a voice, and for us to listen to our needs. That includes what the body needs.

Stress & Tension

Stress & tension are forces of pressure. These are held in the tissues and the mind. 


Pain, especially chronic pain, is the body saying please pay attention to me, I am speaking.

Depression & Feeling Flat

We all shut down at times. Feeling overwhelmed can even cause us to leave our bodies. These states depress our body and energy systems.

Feeling Disconnected

Listening to the body and Spirit are steps towards renegotiatingdisconnection. 


Our overwhelming moments live in the body. Working with the body can restore & repair.

My Credentials ...

Registered Massage Therapist since 1999

Reiki Levels 1-111, Master & Teacher/Trainer since 2005

Shamanic Healing training since 2008 with FOS

Shamanic Journey Circles since 2012

Healing Earth Lodge (Sweat Lodge) Facilitation & Supervision since 2016 (with Heloisa da Silva Porto)

Practical Astrology Training with Kelly Surtees in 2012-13

CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release since 2006 with the Cranial Therapy Centre & Upledger

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Training with The SE Trauma Institute since March 2019

Ancestral Healing Training with Heloisa da Silva Porto in 2020

Regression Therapy Training with Heloisa da Silva Porto in 2020

BEYI & Grief Rituals with Elder Malidoma Patrice Some

Assistant for Grief Ritual with Elder Heloisa da Silva Porto

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~Rumi


  • CranioSacral Therapy

    Hands on therapy to unwind tension and trauma

  • Soma Massage

    Bodywork to relax the body and mind, tapping into body wisdom

  • Pure Energy Session

    Reiki and/or Shamanic Healing

    to Clear & Ground

  • Somatic Experiencing

    Body-Oriented Session for Stress, Pain & Tension - Online

  • Ancestral Healing

    Healing Ancestral Patterns In The Lineages - Online

  • Essence Of Soul

    The Soul Chart Astrology Sessions - Online

  • Distance Healing

    For Pure Energy & Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Reiki Training

    One-on-One Training for All Levels & Teacher


By Appointment Only


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647 - 287 - 7745

440 Queen Street, Newmarket, Ontario