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2023 is a Nature Year. Let's embrace change, transformation and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.


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Wild Mushrooms

The Healing Earth Lodge


The Earth does the healing .. that is why it is the "Healing Earth" Lodge ...


The Healing Earth Lodge is a ritual of purification based on old traditions around the world such as Temaskal, Sweat lodges, Cabana Del Sudor, among many other names. (North America, South and Central America, Africa, Siberia etc.) The Healing Earth Lodge is a process with the aim of purifying body, mind and soul using the power of the elements and a deep connection with the Earth. It is a powerful and transformational experience that can take one into a deep connection with the Earth Spirit and the Divine Mystery of life.


The Healing Earth Lodge was developed through time and experience as we embraced the wisdom of many traditions and followed the guidance of Spirit, moving towards a process of how to bring healing, peace and reconciliation to the modern western society, in connection with the Mother Earth. We have unearthed a process to help facilitate the western mind to become empty and enter into the womb/heart of the Earth. 

In the heart of the ritual, through the presence of hot steam coming from burning red stones, the body sweats and cleanses. As emotional issues arise they are named and offered to Spirit to be carried away, and participants surrender into the Earth’s womb as the primordial container of death and life. The Earth embraces it all in her darkness, offering the potential to experience an emptiness and/or oneness with the Earth. Spiritual presences are welcomed to awaken in one’s body/spirit a new energy and inspirational vision to one’s life. The ritual is formed in two rounds: the first phase we call the Death/Dying round and the second round is called Rebirth. With the loving compassion of the Earth, the Elements and Spirit, we surrender to the healing that is there for us.

Held at 2 different locations, see below...

In respect to those that think that offering a sweat lodge in a non-traditional way is cultural appropriation the name of this ceremony was changed to The Healing Earth Lodge, by my teacher Heloisa and myself. May all be blessed and in peace as we all move towards healing and reconciliation among all people and all relations!!!!

Camp Fire

Spring Healing Earth Lodge Weekend 2024

Dates: May 10-12, 2024 ~ Mother's Day Weekend

Location: Rosseau Sanctuary ~ Rosseau, Ontario

Arrival time: Friday between 5pm and 8pm
Departure: Sunday 3pm
Location: Rosseau, Ontario (Muskokas)

This weekend retreat is an invitation to connect deeply to the Earth, Nature, and your Body, Soul & Spirit. Please note this weekend falls on Mother's Day weekend .. what better way to heal than with the Earth Mother herself. You are invited to deepen your connection to your body and emotions, your being, and the Earth herself.
The weekend offers a full program of connection to the land, your Self and Spirit, journeying with the drum, community ceremonial space build & creation, Altar building, reflection and rest opportunities, circle sharing and various shamanic, somatic and ceremonial teachings.​ A perfect opportunity to ground, heal and connect. I integrate my knowledge in trauma and somatic-based therapies to create a safe container for all.​

Lodging Options for the 2 nights:

Dormitory style: single bed in a large room in main lodge
Private Sleeping Forest Cabins: have no electricity or running water, just a bed (heat in some)
Tent: bring your own tent .. but you have access to the indoor kitchen and bathroom facilities

Dormitory option fee: $285 for the weekend
Private Sleeping Cabin fee: $420 for the weekend
Tenting fee: $215 for the weekend

Food is not included in the price of this weekend, please bring your own (suggestions will be made and we can even share meals if the group agrees).


Healing Earth Lodge 2024

Co-facilitated with Heloisa da Silva Porto

At Rising Spirit Bed, Breakfast & Beyond in Orono, Ontario

2023 welcomed a new location for the Healing Earth Lodge. Heloisa (my teacher), myself and Dawn (firekeeper) built a new lodge on the land of Rising Spirit, a beautiful B&B in Orono, Ontario. We held several lodges here and welcomed many for the transformational healing this ceremony offers.

In 2024 our team is expanding, and we will be offering many lodges this year. Please stay tuned for dates!

Somatic Presence Group

This will be a small process group focused on somatic and nervous system awareness, regulation and balance.

It will involved basic teachings and an experiential component.

This is a great pre-cursor to bodywork, and I recommend it for all clients new to touch for trauma therapy.

Wednesdays - morning and evening session for 4 weeks

More information to follow!

Meditation Class
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