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Physical symptoms are indicators of some kind of message from the body (unconscious) and psyche. It's time to listen. 


Integrative Somatic Sessions

Over my many years of practice and training, I have landed on several body & energy work modalities that are superstars in my mind:


CranioSacral Therapy

SomatoEmotional Release

Somatic Experiencing® Touch Work

Energy Healing

How do you know these sessions are for you? It really depends upon what condition(s) you are seeking treatment for.

Generally, people come to see me when struggling with a stress impact on the body or mind. I will do a thorough intake, address any questions or concerns you have, and explain treatment protocols and options.

Treatment Times & Fees

Fees for Sessions in 2024:

60 Minute Session - $130.00 

75 Minute Session – $150.00

90 Minute Session - $175.00

 45 Minute Session - $115.00 (follow ups only)

*HST will be added onto all Fees

To secure the days and times you would like, I highly recommend booking several sessions at once.

Holistic Modalities

I have studied many different systems over the years, and my favourite approach is to keep it simple. In working with the body, we are also working with the soul, and all its experiences both past and present. The modalities here can trace back to the energetic origins of patterns that are afflicting the person.


When these modalities are used depends upon what comes up in the session, and what may be needed. I will never use a method that hasn’t been discussed or consented to.


Pure Energy sessions combine Reiki with Polarity therapy. Combined, these modalities clear blocked energetic patterns in both the body and aura (field). This in turn stimulates the body into states of healing and balance, promoting deep relaxation.


Shamanic/Traditional Healing involves therapeutic work on the soul and energy body (aura). In shamanic traditions, it is believed that every human dis-ease or disharmony begins on the energetic level: that is, at the level of the soul’s blueprint, and aura or energy field. These practices clear templates and bring essence back to the person.


Ancestral Healing offers the clearing of patterns that exist in the family lineage(s). We access the system of information that exists in one of your lineages, trace the Origin of the pattern that has been passed down through time, and connect to the Healing Potential that exists. It is a guided process that is done with much love, compassion and kindness.


Regression Therapy may happen naturally in a session, where an earlier age, or even lifetime, emerges.  


Reiki can be covered under some insurance plans, but not under RMT benefits. Please inquire with your insurance company directly.

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