Physical symptoms are indicators of some kind of message from the body (unconscious) and psyche. It's time to listen. 

Session Information

Soma Massage Session

This session is bodywork focused, utilizing techniques that release tension and relax the body and mind, and dive into the deeper issues present in the body. As a trauma-informed practitioner, I access and invite the innate wisdom of the body through the fascia and nervous system integrating Massage, CranioSacral, and elements of Somatic Experiencing® and SomatoEmotional Release (SER).


The soma session is excellent for: stress, anxiety/depression, pain, nervous system balancing and bringing greater awareness to the issues that the body is bringing to consciousness.


I make and use my own massage oils and products that are completely natural, and are geared towards reducing pain and inflammation, and stimulate relaxation and healing.


This session can be covered under RMT benefits.  

45 Minute Session – $95.00        75 Minute Session - $130.00    

60 Minute Session – $110.00      90 Minute Session - $155.00    (All Fees Plus HST)

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a hands-on therapy that releases deep tension and trauma held in the body. It targets the fascia and nervous system, with an intention to unlock, unwind and access past and present pain and dysfunction. CST allows the body and brain to reset and deeply relax. 


With the addition of Somatic Experiencing® and SER, this session can discharge the energies held in the body and psyche from trauma, slowly and at the client’s pace.


CST can benefit those experiencing physical, mental and emotional symptoms from a wide variety of conditions – anxiety, pain, stress, depression, accidents, etc.


This session can be covered under RMT benefits.

60 Minute Session - $110.00              (For first time CST clients, I recommend 75-90 minutes)       

75 Minute Session – $130.00

90 Minute Session - $155.00              

2 Hour Massage & Craniosacral Session - $200.00       (All Fees Plus HST)

Pure Energy Sessions & Soma Essence Sprays

Pure Energy sessions can be done in person or via Distance Healing ...


In combination with Energy Sessions, I can make you a personal Soma Essence Body/Room Spray! (See below)

This session is pure energy work, using Reiki and/or shamanic/traditional interventions. For any traditional/shamanic work requested, there needs to be an initial assessment done by myself.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a form of hands-on-healing, that stimulates the recipient’s body into states of healing and balancing. It promotes relaxation, stimulates the body’s innate healing processes, and has the ability to shift consciousness.


Shamanic healing involves therapeutic work on the soul and energy body (aura). In shamanic traditions, it is believed that every human dis-ease or disharmony begins on the energetic level: that is, at the level of the soul’s blueprint, and aura or energy field. Shamans “see” what is at odds with the human energy field and use traditional methods to bring healing and balance back into the system

Reiki can be covered under some insurance plans, but not under RMT benefits.


This service is NOT covered under RMT insurance, but may be covered under Holistic therapies in your insurance plan. Please inquire to your insurance company directly.

60 Minute Session - $110.00              

75 Minute Session – $130.00

90 Minute Session - $155.00              (All Fees Plus HST)

Soma Essence Spray - A body/room spray I intuitively make personally for you! Please inquire about pricing and integration with energy sessions.

Somatic Experiencing® Sessions

SE™ is a wonderful exploration of the nervous system, guiding clients to increase their tolerance level to challenging body sensations and emotions. In particular, SE™ provides a way to slow down and build capacity within the nervous system, and encourage the resolution of blocked fight, flight or freeze energy.


The session is led by you and what your nervous system needs .. what is your goal or intention for the session? What do you want to be different, or have happen? That will be our guide. While it is difficult to pin down the exact flow, here are some ideas on what we may explore ..


Typically, we will always begin the session with some orienting .. which is simply getting to know each other, and the environment in which we find ourselves. It is the “where you are at in the moment” connection to yourself, your body and your nervous system. 


The session will also involve some education about the nervous system, and together we will map where you are at in the moment .. this can help you track the different states of the Autonomic Nervous System, and how move between the different layers. 


We will possibly explore sensations, images, memories, thoughts, beliefs, body gestures and postures .. the body is a wise healer and will guide us to where stress and tension is and wants to be supported and released.


There is no rush to this process. It is simply time to be with the body and hear its wisdom.


What can this session help with?


SE™ can help move you from dysregulation to regulation during times of stress. The nervous system knows how to balance itself, and SE™ can help this process along, gently and slowly.


This session can help if you are experiencing:


  • Stress, Pain and Tension

  • Insomnia

  • Anxious and/or Flat Feelings In Your Body

  • Feeling Like Your System is Stuck “On” or “Off”


I am excited to explore with you, and help you to move towards a more balanced system overall ..

I do integrate SE™ work into my bodywork sessions.


But this is also a stand-alone session that I provide online via Zoom/Skype or in person.

45 minutes - $90.00 (includes HST)

This session is not covered under RMT benefits.

Ancestral Healing - Clearing the Patterns (Online)

The Ancestral Healing process I offer here encompasses the clearing of patterns that exist in the family lineage(s). We access the system of information that exists in one of your lineages, trace the Origin of the pattern that has been passed down through time, and connect to the Healing Potential that exists. It is a guided process that is done with much love, compassion and kindness.


Is there a pattern, manifesting as a behaviour, belief system or aspect of your personality, that you know was repeated through one of your ancestral lineages? Or, is there something that you repeatedly struggle with in your lifetime, for example feelings of abandonment, isolation or separation? There was a moment in time when this “pattern” was initiated, and this is our focus. 


Together, we will set the stage to connect with the loving assistance of your Ancestors, to clear this pattern and bring healing to the lineage, and yourself.

Please read more about the modality in formation HERE ...


Session Time Frames can range from 60 to 120 minutes and are done via an online platform.

To set up an appointment and for more information, please email

Session Fee: $120.00 (includes HST)

The Essence of Soul - Astrology Sessions Online

I integrate two systems in my Essence of Soul Sessions: Traditional Astrology and the Dagara African Tradition's Birth Mandala. They are two different but complementary energy signatures individual to you.


A Soul Chart, or “Birth” Chart in Traditional Astrology, is the soul’s map, a blueprint for living and being. It reveals your personal medicine that you bring with you into this lifetime, and your personality and soul patterns. It encompasses the snapshot of the sky the moment you were born.

The Birth Mandala from the Dagara African Tradition uses your birth name and date, which reveals your elemental clan, and your life purpose and elemental balance from this Tradition's perspective.


I will outline the most important elements in your Soul Chart and Birth Mandala that can help guide you on your path. I utilize this work to assist my clients in self understanding and affirmation, goal setting, determining the best timing, and how to move forward with ease. Here are some topics this session can help you with:

  • Your Unique Life Approach/Purpose and Path - Your Energetic Blueprint for Life

  • Your Elemental Balance & What Is Needed for Balance

  • Personal Resources, Gifts and Skills

  • Current & Upcoming Influences For the Year Ahead


My role in this work is to provide information. I interpret your personal symbolism and share the message that exists. I in no way will make decisions for you, I can only offer suggestions from what I am seeing in your energetic signatures.


The birth chart session can also be combined with body & energy healing, determined by your energetic blueprint and temperament .. a unique personalized session for body and soul!

Currently this is offered online only .. via Skype, Zoom or Phone.

Birth Chart - $135.00 (combined with body/energy healing $225 - 2 hours)   

Birth Chart & Year Ahead - $205.00

Follow Up Session - $110.00   (Plus HST)