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Healing Trauma

~Craniosacral Therapy (CST) & Somatic Experiencing (SE) Approaches to Trauma~

CST and SE are nervous system-based modalities which can help the body discharge “trauma” that remains long after

a stressing experience.

What does this mean exactly?

When we have experienced a situation in life that was beyond our ability to “deal with” at the time, this moment becomes frozen ... frozen in our mind and our body. This frozen trauma disorganizes the body physiology and biology, and we end up with symptoms: anxiety/depression, insomnia, physical/mental/emotional pain, and syndromes like Chronic Fatigue, to name a few.

CST and SE together engage the body directly via light touch hands on work, and the mind via gentle inquiry into the current experience: presenting images, memories, sensations, thoughts and body movements and impulses.

The frozen energy can be contacted and will begin to move and seek to complete any survival responses that were not able to finish at the time. This helps bring resolution and reconciliation to both the body and mind.

Changing the nervous system and body "bracing" takes time .. a shift or change is typically noticed after 4 sessions on a weekly basis.

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