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CranioSacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® (in training) & SomatoEmotional Release

Meet Jodie Cara Lindley

Body & Energy Work Specialist

soma = "body"

essence = "be"

healing = "whole"


My gift is being able to tune into the body, its energetic output, and what may be blocked or need attention.  I help guide my clients to a place of greater awareness of what their body might be trying to tell them, through their symptoms. I provide a safe space of exploration and healing potential. I believe all comes from within, including healing.


In my Bodywork Sessions I primarily address the fascial and nervous systems. These two systems are integral in negotiating the body's ability to resolve trauma and stress. In order to access these systems, a light touch is necessary: therefore, I do not do deep tissue massage treatments. I believe deep tissue work can drive trauma further into the body and in some cases activate the fight, flight or freeze response. My intention is to encourage trust in the body and psyche of my clients, so that they can in turn trust themselves.


My experience comes from 20 years of working in the field of wellness and spirituality. My credentials include: RMT since 1999, Reiki Levels 1-111 & Master since 2005, Shamanic Healing training since 2008 with FOS, Healing Earth Lodge (Sweat Lodge) Facilitation Training & Supervision since 2016 (with Heloisa da Silva Porto), Practical Astrology Training with Kelly Surtees 2012, CranioSacral & SER since 2006 with the Cranial Therapy Centre & Upledger Institute, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Training with The SE Trauma Institute since March 2019. I have also been influenced and inspired by the rituals and written work of Malidoma Patrice Some.

Please visit my Modalities Information & Blog pages to learn more about my modalities and what you may expect from a session with me.


My Approach

I work with Registered Psychotherapists and Social Workers at the Newmarket Therapy Centre

My services complement talk therapy ... I can help with


Anxiety requires that we slow down and listen to our needs. That includes what the body needs.

Stress & Tension

The body perceives stress/tension as some kind of pressure. It is held in the tissues. 


Pain, especially chronic pain, is the body saying please pay attention to me, I am speaking.

Depression & Feeling Flat

We all shut down at times. Feeling overwhelmed can even cause us to leave our bodies. These states depress our body and energy systems.

Feeling Disconnected

Listening to the body is the first step towards renegotiating a disconnect. 


We all have trauma, and its home is in the body. You cannot leave the body out of healing trauma.

I Believe ...

You have all you need within you to heal.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~Rumi



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